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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Romantic Road to Rothenburg

We were given a Glass Blowing Demonstration on board today
Well, it might have been romantic if the weather was a bit kinder.  Snow again today but not heavy.  The sun did manage to breakthrough for a little while that warmed us up nicely.
Rothenburg is another medieval town dating back to 950.  It is interesting that during World War II the US Assistant Secretary of War,  John McCloy, knew about the historic importance and beauty of Rothenburg so he ordered the US General Devers not to use artillery in taking Rothenburg.  The local Nazi military commander, Major Thommes, ignored the order of Hitler that all towns were to fight to the end, and gave up the town thereby saving if from total destruction by artillery.

Prisoner Vans of yesteryear

Everything is decorated for Easter

Door Bells

Rothenburg is surrounded by the great wall.  It has been restored and we walked a little way around it.

We follow these "lollipops" - very closely!

This park looks lovely even coming out of winter

The oldest house in the village built in 1450

The Germans love their sausages and I must say they are delicious!

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