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Monday, 4 September 2017

Bali Day 6

The men and women were going two different directions today.  The men wanted to check out the Enfield motorbike shop and the women wanted to sip cocktails by the ocean, and three of us had massages booked for the afternoon.  As it was our last night in Seminyak, we also booked a table at Char Char Restaurant on the recommendation of our driver, Gus.  And so the day was planned.
We (the girls) travelled by taxi to Canggu Beach where our young friend rents a room (including bathroom toilet and kitchenette) for the princely sum of $250 per month.  She works in the mining industry, based in Darwin, on a two weeks on two weeks off roster, so on her weeks off she flies to Bali.  It is a very cheap flight from Darwin to Bali.
Our first stop was at her unit and I must say for the price she is paying it is very good.  The units overlook a pandanus plantation that gives the place a rural feel and yet the units are quite close to the ocean.

View from the unit

Our friends unit is upstairs
Next stop for us was at Canggu Beach. This beach is so much nicer than Seminyak and I can understand why the young crowd has migrated to this area.   There didn't appear to be any of the locals, trying to sell you there wares, like there is at Seminyak and it's not nearly as crowded.  It is a nice area.

After we had wandered around, looking very much the tourists, we made our way to one of the local restaurants to order our Brunch and of course, the obligatory cocktails.  Espresso Martini's all around!

Lunch was very delicious and so much cheaper than Seminyak, that really isn't expensive either.  In fact all our meals have been very well priced in Bali.  I ordered Lamb Quesadilla's that were very tasty with just the right amount of heat.

After lunch it was back to the villas for our afternoon massages.  Pure bliss.  It was my second massage and after my massage my masseur ran me a bath that was filled with essential oils and left me to soak it up.  It was fabulous.
We all met up later in the evening to walk the short distance to Char Char Restaurant.  It is a fairly new addition to the Seminyak restaurant district and certainly lived up to its reputation.  Before our meal, we were escorted to a tiered seating area where we ordered cocktails.  The area looks straight onto the road and is a perfect "people watching" spot.

Surprise, surprise the meal was once again delicious.  No photos of the meal but most of us ordered seafood dishes.  Some of the choices around the table were Peppered Crab, Soft Shell Crab, Whole fish with spicy dressing.  All were very good choices.
After the meal we walked back to the Villas and sat around drinking the last of the alcohol that we had purchased duty free.  We were all rather tiddily by the end of the evening but it was an enjoyable end to the last night in Bali.

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