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Sunday, 24 September 2017

A week in the life of us....

It's been a busy but exciting week.  We have Marco visiting us for a week so we have been lining up the jobs that Philip finds difficult to do by himself.  First job was branding the calves.

We had some friends visit us for the branding as the daughter would like to become a jillaroo so it was good experience for her.   I think at the end of the visit we had talked her into becoming a governess/jillaroo that would probably suit her better and if she really loved the jillaroo side she could then pursue that course.  Jillarooing in the outback is extremely difficult and extremely long days with a punishing climate.

Before Marco arrived, Trudi and Philip were busy collecting manure from the paddock and spreading it around the garden.  It is a cheap fertiliser and so beneficial for the garden.

The garden is looking lovely at the moment and we have been surprised at how long the snapdragons have hung on.  They flowered all through the winter months but have been even better during spring. The colour of this one is amazing and I have filled many vases with them.

And check out the size of this sweet potato.  It is huge and would not be good eating so I will let it sprout and replant it for the next crop.

It is cane season from May through till December and from all accounts it is going to be a bumper harvest.  It means very little to me except that I always have to add fifteen minutes on to my drive down the range because it is inevitable that I will get caught behind a truck hauling cane or a cane train crossing the highway.

Philip and I enjoyed a delicious brunch at Hi-Tide Restaurant in Port Douglas last weekend.  I ordered the Croque Madame and Philip ordered the specialty omelet.  They were delicious and we intend returning to try more of the meals from their extensive menu.

That's a wrap for this week.  Take care xx.

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