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Friday, 1 September 2017

Bali Day 4

Today was a day of rest.....sort of.  We all had different things we wanted to do.  I had a massage booked for the afternoon and our friends wanted to hire a scooter and zip around the shops.  Very courageous of them!  But first Philip and I decided that we needed to have a morning on the beach, after all, isn't that why most people come to Bali?  It was about a 20 minute walk from our villa but the walk felt very good.  Once we arrived on Seminyak beach we hired lounge chairs and umbrella and set ourselves up for a relaxing time.  However that was not to be as you are constantly harassed by the locals trying to sell you their trashy mass produced products.  We dived into the ocean quite a few times just to be rid of them before finally packing up and heading back to the peace and calm of our villa.
We joined up with our friends for lunch at Kilo Kitchen and made plans to meet at 4.00 pm to head to Single Fin Bar at Ulawatu.  We should have left much earlier because the place was jam packed with Generation Z.  Those born after 1990.  As our group are all Baby Boomers you can imagine how out of place we were!
Still, the reason we were there was to watch the amazing sunset over Ulawatu and amazing it was.  It was terribly difficult to get photos, you know, because of the crowd, but I did manage to push my way in for a couple of photos.
As for the friend that recommended this place to us, you are no longer our friend.  Haahaaahaa!

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