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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Bali Day 5

Gee the days are flying by, as it always does on holidays.  Our friends wanted to show us today where they normally stay when they come to Bali.  After a slight delay with our driver we were on our way by 9.30 am to head to the seaside town on the east coast of Bali called Candi Dasa (The "Ca" is pronounced "Ch").
The place is a divers delight but snorkelling would also be easy here.  We very much enjoyed Candi Dasa and if we come back to Bali this is where we would stay.  There are many beautiful villas dotting the shoreline and most sleep up to 12 and come with your own driver and chef.

Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa main street.  Such a difference to the streets we have been driving around!
Once again, leaving Seminyak, the traffic was horrible.  There really does not seem any rhyme nor reason to the traffic flow.  White lines on the road are ignored and I honestly don't know why there are not more accidents.
The streets of Denpassar
It was a very pleasant change to finally leave the traffic behind and head into the more rural parts of Bali. The little island is becoming very commercialised and overpopulated and I have to wonder if the rural areas are going to be gobbled up in the next few decades.  We passed rice paddies where it is usual to see the women work the fields while the men just seem to oversee the operation.  We passed many roadside stalls selling everything from fruit and vegetables to hand carved wood.  There are also lots of Warungs (small family run restaurant) where it seems most people eat.
Rural Bali
We asked our driver, who is Hindu, what the religious percentages were in Bali.  He thought 80% Hindu, 10% Christian and 10% Muslim.  We passed a Hindu Ceremony but we couldn't work out what our driver was calling it.
Hindu Ceremony
By the time we arrived at Candi Dasa it was lunch so we went into a lovely restaurant by the name of Vincent's and placed our order.  Our friends had eaten here before and the food, once again, was delicious.  Boy, am I going to have to walk off the kilo's when I get home!
 Crab Ravioli (Phillips entree)

Sirloin Steak (Philips main)

Lunch at Vincent's 
After lunch it was back into the car for the return trip to Seminyak where we met up with more friends.  Tonights dinner was Italian but I decided to not go as I wanted to get an early night to try and shake off the head cold that I had picked up.
It must have been a great night however, as when Philip arrived home, slightly inebriated, he told me that he had eaten the best "Terracotta" ever!!  Perhaps it is a new dish.... a cross between a Tirimisu and Panacotta. 😂

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