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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

I'm back!

We have just returned from our holiday to PNG and Singapore.  We spent five days in PNG and six days in Singapore and could easily have stayed for many more days in both places.  As far as the two countries are concerned, you could not get two more different.  PNG has a population of almost 8 million living on 462,840 sq kms and Singapore has a population of 5.8 million living on just 719 sq kms.  Singapore was originally 581 kms but has increased its size through land reclamation.
Over the next few days I will write a little about the places we visited and my thoughts on each.  I wish that I could have taken my laptop to write a little on my blog each day, however we had strict weight limits to adhere too.  Anyway I will do my best at remembering each day.
Day One began on Wednesday the 7th June.
We had pre-arranged to pick up two of our travel companions from Kuranda so that we could drive together to the airport for our 11am flight to Port Moresby aboard Air Nuigini.  When we left home that morning the temperature was hovering around 10 degrees celsius.  When we arrived in Port Moresby it was 30 degrees and that was pretty much the temperature for our whole holiday!
We had all purchased our flights in November last year when Air Nuigini ran a very "special" rate for business class seats. We were very grateful for this fare that included access to their lounge areas as we spent many hours waiting for flights....more than we had anticipated!
Micheal, Kate, Jane and Philip in the Air Nuigini Lounge

When we arrived at Cairns International Airport our friend Jane was already waiting for us so we quickly made our way through check-in and customs.  We all did some duty free shopping, mostly wine and champagne, because we were warned it was very expensive to purchase in PNG.
Our flight was on time and although the plane was old, the service was good and the food quite reasonable.  It was only an hour and a half flight to Moresby and the time passed very quickly.
Our flight meal
Port Moresby from above
Port Moresby looks very similar to Townsville from the air.

Our host and friend, Tony, was at the airport to meet the five of us and I felt a little sorry for his wait as it took us ages to pass through customs.
The highway from the airport to downtown Moresby

View from Tony and Linda's apartment

A Panoramic view

Tony took us straight to his amazing apartment overlooking the harbour, and after showing us around, made his departure back to work.  We had strict instructions to be ready by 5pm for a harbour cruise aboard the company boat.  It was a birthday celebration for Tony's daughter as well as a get together.  It was here that we finally caught up with Tony's wife, Linda.
It was a fabulous balmy night about the boat.  The champagne flowed and the food just kept coming.  Amongst other things we feasted on seafood and sushi.  The company was lovely and the night seemed to end all too soon.  Tony told us that we would have an early flight to Bullolo the next day so a good nights sleep was called for.  A brilliant end to the first day.

Our boat awaits us

Tony, Kate and I.  The start of a brilliant holiday.

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