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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Day 4 Tufi Resort

We woke to a slightly cloudy day but that did not stop our plans of doing the 7km round trip trek to Suicide Point.  Our guide asked us all to meet him at 9 am and assured us it was not a hard walk.  As our guide was a PNG national I should have been a little wary.  Actually the walk was very pleasant and there were only a couple of places that tested my knee.
A well worn, albeit narrow, path to follow

The first place we visited was the local village where the villagers had set out their wares to sell.  The village was lovely and very clean unlike a lot of the villages we have seen around the world and even in our own country.

The hut with the table and chairs is used by passing visitors to rest and quench their thirst

I don't know whether you pick it up in this photo but the lady has a tattooed face.  Years ago it was compulsory but these days it is by choice.  The men don't have it done because "it hurts too much"

Passed this fella on the path
We stopped and purchased a mother of pearl shell.  It's pretty much expected that we should purchase something, after all, this was the villagers only income.  I think the shell cost 10 Kina that is about $4 AUD.
We walked on towards the point of the Fjord where somebody had committed suicide, so consequently it was called Suicide Point.  It was a long drop down to the water and I admit I could not get too close to the edge.
Suicide Point

After here we went to another viewing area that the villagers have planted with lots of butterfly attracting plants and shaded seating that is very much appreciated on a hot day.  The view of the Fjord was spectacular from here.

The Butterfly Garden

The walk back to the resort didn't seem to take very long and we were back in time to enjoy another delicious lunch, this time pizza and salad.  Some of our group decided to walk down to the dive shop after lunch to do a spot of snorkelling in the Fjord.  I declined as I needed to rest and the hammock looked very inviting. The group that snorkelled said that it was fantastic and I did regret my decision.... momentarily. 😏
Looking from our balcony to the group below who decided to go snorkelling.  It's quite a long way down!

That evening after another wonderful meal we were treated to a song and dance by some of the locals.  They sang some traditional songs but I really loved their version of "Cecilia" however, I don't think they understood the words of the song that they were singing 😂.........

"Making love in the afternoon with Cecilia
Up in my bedroom (making love)
I got up to wash my face
When I come back to bed someone's taken my place"

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