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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Day 2 - Bulolo, PNG Highlands

Our day started early with a 9 am flight to Bulolo with TropicAir.  It didn't take very long to load our luggage and we were all aboard ready for take-off.  Now, I have to tell you, I'm not fond of small planes and although this plane seated 8 it was with some trepidation that I boarded the plane and took my seat.  But all my worries were unfounded as we had terrific flight to Bullolo, even though we flew through some heavy cloud.  Our pilot, Matthew, took off and landed the plane without a single bump and we all congratulated him!
Our plane

All aboard

Leaving Moresby

White out!

Flying into Bulolo was fantastic.  We flew through a long, densely forested valley before making our turn towards the airstrip.  We were greeted on arrival and made our way to Tony's home. The colonial style home with beautifully manicured lawns sits atop the highest hill in the township.

Looking down the hill towards the village from Tonys house
Stepping inside the home, the air-conditioning was a pleasant relief. We were shown to our rooms and then made our way to the dining room for a refreshing chicken salad lunch.  After lunch we all piled into two cars to be driven to PNG Forestry for a guided tour around the mill.  We started our tour from the beginning when the logs are brought into the mill to be eventually turned into either plywood or sawn timber.  We also visited the furniture factory where some beautiful pieces of furniture were being assembled and looked over the beginnings of a timber bridge.  We then went to look at the new boiler that is almost completed.  The steam from this boiler is used in the plywood process.
Explaining the plywood process.  I had no idea how plywood was made and now have a great deal of respect for the process.

Each sheet is carefully checked for knots and faults and filled with putty

Lining up the log as it comes into the mill.  The laser cross has to be perfectly centrally aligned at both ends.  Can you see the mirror at the other end of the log?

These three timber girders are the beginning of what will become a very sturdy bridge

The furniture factory.

We then drove a short distance out of Bullolo to check out the cattle that are feed to the residents of the community.  Of course, as cattle growers, we were very interested in this. We were also taken for a drive around the 9 hole golf course.  It is a credit to the groundsmen who keep this course in tip top condition.
We arrived home to have a shower and a short rest before drinks at the Bulolo Golf Course Clubhouse.  I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the back deck, sipping rum and coke, and looking out over the lush golf course.  My son and daughter in law would have loved this place!
Bullolo Golf Clubhouse
After a couple of drinks it was back home for cocktails and nibbles before sitting down to a three course meal prepared by a local chef.  We feasted on soup, followed by a choice of roast beef or roast chicken with either vegetables or salad and ended with fresh fruit and cheesecake.

The beautiful wood panelled dining room

Hot Buffet

Cold Buffet
The wine and conversation flowed easily and it seemed all to soon to say goodnight to or wonderful friends and tuck up in our very comfortable bed for the night.  We were already excited for what lay ahead the next day.

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