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Friday, 23 June 2017

Day 3 Bulolo - Tufi

Our day began with a delicious breakfast with many choices of either hot or cold dishes.  The plan today was to head high into the mountains to inspect the hydro systems and then later in the afternoon we would board our plane for Tufi on the east coast of PNG.
I loved the drive up through the highlands.  We passed many villages where everyone enjoyed the simple life.  I was at first taken aback by the big betel nut stained smiles that we received, but as it is so commonplace, after awhile it just seemed natural.  Wherever you go in PNG there are stalls set up along the roads, selling the betel nuts.

We visited two hydro systems.  The first is smaller and older than the second one but both generate an enormous amount of power.  It is such a simple system and with so much rain in the highlands it is a brilliant scheme utilising natural resources.  I have to wonder why we don't see more Hydro Schemes in Australia, particularly in the north of the country where we experience high rainfall.
Loved this sign.  (Look out big fella power)
Water comes into the hydro station via two large pipes 

Inside the second power station (panoramic photo)

The water leaving the hydro station.  The roar and power from this water was quite amazing
Our tour took us into the highlands and at every turn in the road was another phenomenal view of this lovely area.  Our driver was probably very tired of us stopping him for a photo!

When we arrived back at Bulolo it was lunch. Today we feasted on crumbed fish, chips and salad that was once again very delicious!  At lunch Tony told us that we would be boarding the plane about 2 pm for our 45 minute flight to Tuffi, so after lunch it was a quick re-pack of the suitcase and a nanny nap before boarding our plane.
The flight from Bulolo to Tufi was once again, thanks to Pilot Matthew, a bump free experience, although landing on the Tufi runway is for "experienced pilots only" as the cross winds are extreme.
I loved the Tufi International Airport sign!
Kate was invited to sit up the front with the Pilot

Banking in readiness for landing at Tufi.  The runway is that strip of green right at the waters edge! The volcanic Tufi Fjords are easy to see from the air

The manager from Tufi Dive Resort was there to greet us and we were quickly loaded into two vehicles and driven to the resort.  What a lovely place!  It has a Balinese feel with lots of wide open verandahs for sitting, sipping and eating. A very inviting swimming pool sits between the rooms and main building.
Pool on the left of the photo and the main building on the right.

Standing on the balcony where we ate our meals looking out over one of the incredible Fjords

The resort mascot
The rooms are fabulous with their reed lined walls, four poster bed and deck (including hammock!) looking out over the Fjord.  This is a place I can recommend to everyone.  It caters specifically for diving and fishing but we were neither and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.
I forgot to get a photo of our room so I copied this one from the Tufi Resort website .  I'm sure they won't mind!
Later in the afternoon the commercial flight from Moresby arrived.  Linda was aboard this flight and it was great to see her and then to sit down over numerous glasses of champagne and shoot the breeze until dinner.
The meals here are delicious.  All meals are smorgasbord and a huge variety of food caters to everyones taste.  Hubby and I along with a few more from our party of seven made our way to the bar area after dinner and stayed up longer than we really should have.  Those Espresso Martinis where so delicious!

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