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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Grey Nomad Mode

We have just returned from a blissfully relaxing mini holiday.  We had a wedding to attend in Roma so we decided it was a perfect opportunity to explore the Carnarvon region.  We had passed the turnoff to Carnarvon Gorge many times when we had family living in the Injune area, and always said we would like to spend some time there.
Now, as I have many many photos to share I thought I would break this blog up into small chunks for your enjoyment.

DAY ONE - Julatten to Cape River (between Charters Towers and the Belyando)
We purchased a couple of apps before we left on this trip, one being Wikicamps and the second being Hema Maps.  They were the best things we have ever purchased from the App Store and we spent a lot of time when we were away, looking at different tracks/roads.  We really wanted to travel the "roads less travelled".
The night before we left on our trip, we studied the maps and decided to take the Gunnawarra-Wairuna Road from Mount Garnet to Clarke River.  A section of this road forms part of the Bicentennial Trail that we will also, one day, traverse.
I am so glad that we did this drive.  As we turned off the highway south of Mount Garnet we were excited.  The country is mostly forest  and it was very interesting to see the ever so slightly difference in terrain and also the difference it can make between good cattle country and the not so good country. The bitumen road quickly ran out and we were on a very good gravel road.  The misty rain that had followed us across the Tablelands continued down the road we were on, and made it a dustless journey.  We came to a three way intersection were we could take the Cashmere-Kirrama Road or Wairuna Road.  We took the Wairuna Road.

The majority of the road was like this.  Very picturesque.
We passed by quite a few swamps and lakes that were dry.  2015 did not bring a good wet season to North Queensland so we were expecting the dryness.  We want to return to this area after the wet season because this is a renowned breeding area for the black swan.

"Wairuna" Station and a very dry Walters Plains Lake

We continued on past "Minnamoolka", "Princess Hills" turnoff and at "Wairuna" station we could see that there was a small amount of water in Walters Plains Lake.  This will also be fabulous after rain.  The next property we passed was "Lake Lucy" and then the turnoff to "Valley of Lagoons" - another place on the "to do" list.  Before long we passed "Rhonella Park" and at "Camel Creek" we stopped to talk to some people that were heading to "Valley of Lagoons".  They had come across from Ingham via Mount Fox and told us how much they enjoyed the journey. (Another on the bucket list!)

We took a closer look at this cavity and realised that cattle had been licking it.  Obviously a nutrient there that they were enjoying!
A closer look.

Close to Clark River we came across some wild deer.  Philip was very excited as he knew that they were in this country but had never seen them.
Not a great photo.  By the time I grabbed the camera the mob had almost disappeared.
We arrived at Clark River for a late lunch.  What a joy it is to have our "mobile home" on board!
After the wonderful scenery we had just enjoyed it was quite boring to be back on the highway heading to Charters Towers but on we plodded until we came to Cape River rest area.  We didn't want to travel in the dark so we pulled in here for the night.  There were five other travellers also scattered around the rest area.  It is a truck stop so we did have the trucks come and go throughout the night but  I didn't hear them. (The only time I'm glad that I'm hard of hearing!!)


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