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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Grey Nomad Chapter Three

Day 3 - Bandana Station Sunset - Carnarvon Gorge

From the suggestion of WikiCamp users, we all booked in to visit Bandana Station Sunset.  We were meant to arrive at 3.00pm for billy tea and damper but as we didn't get back from our walk until 3.30pm we didn't actually arrive until 4.30pm......just in time for wine and nibbles.  Good timing I say!
Olivia and Bruce (father and daughter duo) give a wonderful insight into station life and Bruce is a great story teller and we were enthralled with his yarns.  As Robyn and Tony and ourselves are all from the land we probably "got" his yarns a bit more than the city folks but nevertheless the thirty odd people who gathered around all had a good chuckle.  Bruce talked a little about the soldier settlement blocks that were given away by ballot around the Carnarvon area after the war.  We shook our heads in disbelief at the criteria of the settlement blocks that the farms should either be a dairy or cotton farm.  No wonder they all went broke....... or became bushrangers!

Bruce had a great voice and played a mean guitar

How lucky are they to have this beautiful view

Olivia preparing the snacks

The sun lights up the gorge as it slowly sinks

We missed out on the billy tea and damper but it sure looked and smelt good!

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