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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Wouldn't you know it…...

after months of very little rain we had over 250mm in 10 days.  I really wish I could have sent this rain west but it's no use wishing for the impossible.
My lawn exploded out of the ground with all the lovely rain. Time to mow the lawn.  The lawnmower has been sitting in the shed for months with very little use so I should have known there might be a problem but I fuelled it up and set about the mowing…..for five minutes.  The blade engage cable snapped.  That was the end of the mowing.
I had almost stepped on a snake a few days prior so I new that the grass really did need mowing.  There was nothing to do but call "ghostbusters" the "Groundsmen".  Two gardeners arrived with the biggest meanest looking lawn mower I have ever laid eyes on and a garden trimmer that chomped the edge of my garden like it has never been chomped before.  After two hours my lawn was the best it's ever looked.
I'm tempted to hire them on a regular basis, but because I really do love mowing, and they are quite expensive, I've refrained.
When hubby was home on the week-end he replaced the cable on the lawnmower and then proceeded to tell me that there was nothing holding on the front wheel! Another parts order.  Maybe it would be cheaper to employ the groundsmen!

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