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Thursday, 12 December 2013

A new bed

When we moved into our new house seven years ago (this christmas!) we bought a new bed.  We loved it.  We were thinking of our "old age" when it might become difficult to get in and out of bed so we chose one that was low to the ground, so low in fact that I couldn't get a broom or vacuum cleaner or mop underneath it to clean!  The only way I could clean under the bed was to take off the mattress (which weighs a tonne!) and then move the bed.  This was a big task so consequently not done often.  I started thinking about all the dust mites that might be living under that bed and it really "bugged me" (pardon the pun).  Besides, the bed we had chosen all those years ago was too dark for the pastels in the room.

 So after surfing the internet for months I finally found the bed of my dreams…..well not exactly….I would have loved a solid brass bed but the price was way beyond my budget.  But, this is the one we choose and love.  It has a little bit of brass and porcelain knobs that look so pretty.

I purchased some sheer curtains from Big W that were on sale for $5 per drop…$20 all up..WIN! I would like a new bedspread/doona but as yet haven't found the one I love.  I know it is sitting on a website somewhere just waiting for me to find it.  I just have to keep looking.
 I kept the bedside tables and painted them the same colour as the bed.  I am still to paint the drawers at the end of the bed but I need hubby home to help me move them outside.  They are very heavy.
The room looks and feels lighter and brighter AND I can now vacuum and mop under the bed!
We took the old bed down to Mossman Lifeline who were thrilled to receive the donation.  They apparently "on sell" them to second hand dealers making it a win/win for everyone.

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  1. Judi what a lovely room, with the louvres and the doors opening onto the verandah! And the new bed looks lovely, and think you did the right thing painting the besides and (eventually) the drawers. You still have the warmth of timber in the floor and doors etc. Feels like a five star resort!