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Friday, 13 December 2013

A Muso at the local Pub

Our local pub is called the Highlander and I am reluctant to call it a pub because it is so much more.  Recently the owners renovated the (I shall call it) Tavern to include a huge deck area.  It is furnished with very comfortable dining chairs and tables and a cozy corner complete with armchairs so that you can sit back and take in the breathtaking views.
Last night they had a muso playing there.  A few of the yoga ladies had heard him play at a wedding earlier this year and were very much taken by how talented he was. We all decided to take ourselves to the tavern for dinner and to listen to him plan.  I was slightly reluctant about going by myself, but hey, beats sitting home alone!  I am so pleased that I went.  The muso was  incredible.  He had the most amazing voice and could sing anything…..in fact he kept asking for requests.  There were not many people there so he set himself up in the "cozy corner" and we simply  gathered around him whilst he sang.  It was extremely interactive and we found out a lot about him and his lovely wife who was also there.
He lives at Julatten (who would have thought!) and they live on a farm where they grow cocoa and make their own chocolate.  They are the only people in Australia that produce chocolate from the seed up.  They sell their chocolate at the Port Douglas markets so I will make a trip down there on Sunday to  buy some. We asked if he had brought along any samples, but alas, not.
Wouldn't you know it, I left my camera at home so all I had was the iPhone and it was almost out of battery.  The video moving around is me bopping to the music!

Here is a short video of the muso singing "Sylvia's Mother"

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  1. Hey Judy, you make me homesick for musos, North Queensland and fantastic pubs!!!! Hey wishing you and yours a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year, all the best. We are off to Adelaide to spend with family. xxx