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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hou Wang Temple (Chinese Temple) in Atherton

The Taste of Tablelands festival that I went to on the week-end was  held in the grounds of the Chinese Temple.
The temple was the social and religious heart of Atherton's Chinese community.  Apart from the temple itself, there was also a community hall, kitchen and a pig oven.  People gathered here to worship, celebrate festivals and discuss community issues.  Nowadays, the temple is the only remaining structure of the original town.
Several decades of neglect saw the structure decay from wind and water damage.  In 1956, the pagoda in front of the temple was blown down in a cyclone.  The temple was transferred to the National Trust  in 1979 and restoration of the temple was completed in 2002.
These are a couple of photos taken inside the temple.

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