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Monday, 17 June 2013

Oak Beach

The president of the Douglas Photographic Society took us all on a mystery photography outing
yesterday.  None of us had any idea where we were going we just had to follow behind the lead car.  We ended up at Oak Beach.
I've been there a few times as it is one of those places that you would like to live. The majority of the homes on the beach are right on the beach - no crossing any roads.  The day was bleak but didn't rain which was a blessing.  We walked the whole of Oak Beach - 2.5 km - and then we made our way up the hill to Thala Beach Resort for coffee.  I fell behind everybody on the way to the lodge (taking photos!) and became seriously lost within the resort.  I know this sounds ridiculous but the resort is spread out over many many hectares with paths leading off everywhere to the villas.  I walked round in circles a couple of times before I finally found a sign pointing to reception.  I had not seen a single person in all this time and I was getting a bit anxious.
The resort is beautiful and it is on the list for a "date night" with my DH.  They have a good locals rate so we will take advantage.  We took quite a few photos at the lodge and then made our way back down to Oak Beach where we were to have lunch.  What a lovely spot.  Lunch was at one of the homes right on the beach.  The owner kindly gave us permission to use the BBQ and bathroom!
We had Chicken, Beef and Prawns cooked on the barbie with some delicious salads and a nice bottle of wine to wash it all down and all the while taking in the beautiful views of the Coral Sea.
Ahhh.  A lovely way to spend a Sunday.

The photographers checking camera settings before starting out.

The beach is 2.5 km long.

A simple shot.

Anyone care for a game of chess.  The board is set up for guests at Thala Beach Resort.

The view from where we sat for lunch.

The lunch home - an easy walk to the beach!

The pool at Thala has a wet edge waterfall.

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