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Sunday, 9 June 2013

I've employed a gardener!

Our garden is our pride and joy.  We enjoy it very much either just wandering through, it or sitting in the pergola with a glass of wine, or photographing it.  But then there is the maintenance of it and that is a huge job.  Pruning, mulching, weeding, fertilising.  It is a never ending job and takes away the enjoyment somewhat.  So I started making some enquires about a part-time gardener and lo and behold, my prayers were answered in the form of an angel called Trudi.  She is amazing.  She comes to our place for eight hours a week and what she does in those eight hours is incredible.  She is such a great worker and she loves our garden.  She told me that she often drove past our place and wished that she was the gardener!
So our garden is being tamed into order. Trudi used to work at a garden that was in the Open Garden Scheme and her knowledge is invaluable.  She understands what we have been trying to achieve in the garden and also has a five year plan for expansion.  I like the pretty.....as in flowers... and Trudi has come up with some lovely colourful choices, most of them natives.  Anyway, watch this space as I post  some photos of the transformation.

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