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Sunday, 5 May 2013

A day in the Daintree Rainforest

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have our monthly photography club meeting at one of our members property in the Daintree.  It is a passionfruit farm but they also have many acres of natural rainforest.
One of our club members is an avid bush walker.  She is quite elderly but where she goes on her bush walks, angels fear to tread!  We all went our separate ways to take some photographs.  I tended to stick to the passionfruit vines where I wouldn't run into any taipans but once I saw the photographs that our elderly member, Joan,  came back with I just had to go where she had been.  She warned that the track was slippery and steep but I was determined.  I was not disappointed when she showed me the fungi that she had found.  They are quite beautiful.
I've really got to try and walk without the fear of stumbling.  You miss so much around you if your eyes are glued to the ground in front of you.  Joan tells me that she just stops and looks around - a lot!  I am the sort of walker that thinks the photograph will jump out at you if you just keep on walking.  I must change that attitude.  Here are the photos from the day.

Anyone for passionfruit?

I am fascinated by fungi and these were beautiful.

Fungi that looked almost lacy

All the little spores are quite visible

Simply amazing

These looked like miniature "Venus Fly Traps"

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  1. Lovely photos Judi. I love the clarity in the first image of the 'jellyfish' fungi and I adore the DoF in the blue-ish fungi. The 'venus fly trap'look alikes are funny looking creatures aren't they!?! I wonder what they eat?