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I am fifty something and I love my family and the life I live. I'm an optimistic person by nature and I try to find a positive for every negative. I'm not a vegetarian, but the animal I eat is. I enjoy cooking, photography and scrapbooking. Since living here I have become a gardener and take immense joy in the beauty of my garden. My husband and I feel that we are the caretakers of the land rather than land owners. We run a grass fed Droughtmaster Stud on our little piece of Paradise and the cattle are a never ending supply of photo opportunities.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Solar Eclipse 2012

We were dead centre of the path of the lunar eclipse today.  That in itself is remarkable.  What was not so remarkable was the cloud cover that we had this morning.  It spoilt it for us somewhat, particularly as we looked towards Mt. Molloy and saw sunshine!  Anyway, our next door neighbours, their three children and DH and I made our way to the highest point on our farm.  We took bacon, eggs, sausages, bread - all the makings for a bbq breakfast - and cooked it while we waited.  We arrived nice and early at 5.30 am.  It started to rain lightly at 6.00 am and continued through most of the eclipse.  Occasionally the clouds broke and we caught glimpses of the eclipse but when the moon completely blocked the sun at 6.38 am and day turned into night, well,  that was  an experience that we will never forget.  It was so eerie.  These are the photos that I managed to get.
6.33 am

6.57 am
7.00 am
7.02 am
7.08 am
7.14 am
7.17 am
7.32 am

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