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Saturday, 10 November 2012

A wedding at Kingscliffe

We received an invitation to a wedding at Kingscliffe located on the Queensland New South Wales border.  Kingscliffe was a place that we visited quite often when I was young.  We spent many, many holidays with relatives that lived at Ballina and one of our Sunday drives was to the sleepy little town of Kingscliffe.  Well, I have to tell you, it is certainly not sleepy anymore.  It has grown into quite a bustling metropolis.  It is sad in some ways but hey, that's progress.  A seachange is everybodys dream and that is why the sleepy little beachside villages have grown out of all proportion.
The wedding was held at Mantra on Salt and it was a lovely setting for the garden wedding.  The day before the wedding was very blustery but mother nature kindly stepped in on the day of the wedding and turned on the sunshine.  
The grooms parents are very close and treasured friends. The grooms father lived on the neighbouring property at Julia Creek and DH and him grew up with each other.  When we married, our children continued the tradition and also became lifelong friends.  
So off to Kingscliffe we headed for the wedding.  The groom looked nervous while waiting for his bride (who was traditionally a little late) but once he saw her approaching his face lit up.
The bride looked perfect in her gown of lace and her bridesmaid (sister) in a lovely shade of blue completed the picture.
After the ceremony we adjourned to the cool comfort of the Mantra foyer for pre-dinner drinks and also to catch up with friends and family that we had not seen in quite awhile.  At 6.00pm we were called to be seated in preparation for the buffet dinner.  The food was delicious and as usual I overindulged but I made sure that DH and I hit the dance floor to dance away some of those calories!  It was a lovely wedding and I'm very pleased that we made the journey to Kingscliffe.

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