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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Let's take a walk through the garden......

The first thing that you will notice in our garden are the colours purple/lilac/pink/white  They are my favourite colours. We have balanced the pastels with some big spashes of colour but I think it is working.  

So lets's begin that walk.

 We dug up all the agapanthas earlier this year and divided them.  They must have loved it because we now have a glorious display of huge blooms. In the photo above you can see splashes of colour from the hippeastrums and day lilies.

The next find in my garden is this little purple beauty.  It's going to give me the most amazing flower in a couple of days.  I'll keep you posted.
The lovely pink ground orchids (well, that's what I call them) are along the path that leads to the palm garden.  They started flowering in September and will flower right through until autumn.

This is the little waterfall in our fish pond.  

The day lilies have been flowering for many weeks.  This one has a gorgeous lilac and yellow bloom.  Can you see the little insects humming around the stamen?

Last but not least are the hydrangeas that are just starting to flower.  This is the blue and we also have a magnificent white.

The garden gives DH and I an immense amount of joy.  It is now an established garden but we still put a lot of time into mulching, composting, fertilizing and the endless pruning!  However by putting in the hard yards our garden has repaid us a thousand fold.

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