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Sunday, 18 November 2012


I would love to go reef fishing, in fact take me anyway where I can actually catch a fish. My only experience with fishing was when we were younger and we made the annual trip to Ballina for Christmas holidays.  My Uncle Darcy had a "tinny" that he used for fishing on the river.  It would (and should) only hold two adults safely but somehow we would squeeze two adult men (dad and uncle) and four kids!  No lifejackets in those days.  We, or should I say, everyone except me, would catch flathead but I never seemed to be able to land anything. And then there were the times that we took the boys to the waterhole at the back of our place at Julia Creek.  We (once again, everyone but me) did catch a few catfish and the occasional barramundi but sadly not me.
I love to watch fishermen.  They seem to be so contented.  Our late son loved fishing and DH fondly recalls the last fishing expedition he had with our son.   They didn't catch a thing but DH will remember that day for the rest of his life.
I took this photo of a couple of fisherman just on sunset and I often wonder if they caught anything.

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