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I am fifty something and I love my family and the life I live. I'm an optimistic person by nature and I try to find a positive for every negative. I'm not a vegetarian, but the animal I eat is. I enjoy cooking, photography and scrapbooking. Since living here I have become a gardener and take immense joy in the beauty of my garden. My husband and I feel that we are the caretakers of the land rather than land owners. We run a grass fed Droughtmaster Stud on our little piece of Paradise and the cattle are a never ending supply of photo opportunities.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Is this a Moth Orchid?

There are some things in life that are just too amazing and beautiful for words. 

 I think Mother Nature took her time and put everything she had into creating orchids.  

When I look at this orchid I am mesmerised by its beauty.  It only flowers for me every two years but the wait is so worthwhile. 

The orchid was given to us as a house-warming present five years ago and to tell you the truth I didn't know too much about growing orchids, and still don't.  But I did know that they like dappled shade so I tied the orchid to a lovely old grapefruit tree that we have growing in the garden and I wrapped "Grandad's Beard" all around the roots, and that's it!  No soil, no fertiliser it just blooms.  

I have no idea what this orchid is called and would really love someone to leave a comment to let me know what it is.

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