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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Just another day at the farm......

DH is mustering at our our Julia Creek station so I get the job of mustering here on the farm.  Actually, I really love the job.  It gives me a chance to see up close and personal how the cows and calves are coming along. 

Even though we live in Paradise the farm is not always the best place in the world to breed cattle....our Julia Creek places are much better for that.  Our farm is in a tick area that brings its own problems plus it is very wet in the tropics.


We had a dose of coccidiosis in our calves two seasons ago so we are very aware of it now and keep a good eye on the calves.  The first sign of coccidiosis is diaharea so following behind the calves when we move them gives us a good chance to look for any signs.

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