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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ahhhhh! Breakfast

Breakfast, broken down, means break the fast.  It is the one meal of the day that I take my time over and really enjoy.  As farmers/graziers we have a tradition of eating a hearty breakfast.  Maybe this came  about because you never really know what the day is going to bring when you're living on the land. That big breakfast that you ate might just have to see you through the whole day.  Believe me, that has happened more times than I care to remember.  But, now that we have slowed down somewhat I sometimes question whether we should be eating the "big" breakfast.  With all the talk of cholesterol and fat being so "bad" for us I took myself off to my local GP to have a cholesterol blood check.  Guess what.....it's absolutely normal!  So we still have a cooked breakfast every morning.  
Most mornings its this.....

1 Rasher of Bacon (fat removed to be healthy) and 1 egg sunny-side up!

Some mornings we have our egg with a chippolata or a small steak of even (when we can afford it!) a lamb chop.  We have our eggs many ways, scrambled, poached, fried and sometimes oven baked with ham.  
It is such a delicious and healthy start to our day.

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