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Sunday, 4 March 2018

A new pool amongst other things......

Back in November last year we started discussions with a local pool builder to build an infinity edge pool.  When I look back at those original plans I am dumb struck that we have changed the plans so much!  Originally it was an "unground" pool with an adjoining rotunda on one side and a pergola on the other.  It was such a simple plan....
Now we have decided to build a mirror image of the exisiting rotunda on the other corner of the house and have the pool "above ground" at verandah height!  It is such a big change from the original idea but it is going to look fantastic.  We have also bitten the bullet and decided to heat the pool so that we can use it year round.
So this week, four months after our first discussion, the pool building has commenced.  The contractor is now up to the cement pouring stage but I guess we will be guided by the weather as to when that will happen.  When the pool is complete the builder will come in and build the rotunda and butt it right up to the pools edge.
Measuring it out

Breaking ground

Form work commences

The tiles we have chosen for the infinity edge

Ready for the cement
I've had a nice week of impromptu surprises from my husband.  First was a trip to the Combined Club in Port for sundowners.  I love sitting on the deck and watching all the reef day trippers making their way back to the Marina. I counted eight different boat companies and this is not even the tourist season!

The next thing my husband surprised me with was lunch at Salsa Restaurant.  This is a locals favourite and has a well deserved reputation for the food that the chefs prepare.  We feasted on Duck Liver Pate and Cerviche for entree and for mains Slow Roasted Duck and Red Claw Linguine.  I declined dessert and opted for an Espresso Martini but Philip chose the Brûlée that was to die for....yes I snuck in a couple of spoonfuls!

Watermelon and Lynchee Margarita was my chosen Aperitif 

I surprised even myself on Friday evening by throwing together some "pot luck" ingredients to make up a delicious bruschetta to go with our sundowners (just me not Philip).  I tossed together some roasted tomatoes (freezer) with a small tin of tuna, capers, herbs, red wine vinegar and a little lemon zest.  Yummo.  The bread I used was a sourdough loaf that I had made a couple of days ago. 

And before I sign off, can we please talk about this mornings sunrise.  It was fabulous and I dearly wish that I was walking along the beach to experience it's beauty.  

I love where I live.

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