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Sunday, 25 March 2018

We have great friends......

We've been lucky enough to catch up with quite a few of our friends in the past couple of weeks.  We always look forward to the time that we spend with our friends.  It is all too easy to settle into our life at home and almost become anti-social!  We need friends to exchange and challenge our thoughts and ideas.  We have also become friends with a couple who have taught us to play Backgammon.  It is a game that I have always wanted to learn and so far Philip and I are loving it!

Last week we had lunch with one of Philips cousins and her husband.  They were holidaying in Port.  For 40 years I have been exchanging christmas cards with cousin Sandra without ever having met her.  It was strange meeting her after all these years but we got along like a "house on fire".
Peter, Sandra, myself and Philip
Last weekend we drove to Cairns to have a bbq dinner with another group of friends.  It's always great to catch up with this crowd.  The men all went to boarding school together, more than forty years ago, and us women just love getting together for a good old chin wag over a glass of wine!

Yesterday we had another friend and her kids come to visit us.  Katrina was Kurt's first "real" girlfriend and she has remained in contact with us all these years.  She and her husband are both specialists working at the Cairns Base Hospital and lead very busy lives.  They have four children with just 18 months separating them!  The kids could be a handful I'd imagine but thank goodness they have parents with great parenting skills and they are amazing kids.  They all introduced themselves to us.....even the youngest at just two and half years of age!  Unfortunately it was a wet miserable day but we did manage to find a mini break in the weather to take them for a drive around the property.  They loved to see the cattle, as most kids do when they visit.

Such a beautiful person inside and out.

Jackson and Hudson

I made fruit ice-creams that went down a treat with young and old

We've had the opportunity to eat out a couple of times over the past two weeks and we had the good.....

Scotch Eggs, Crispy Kale, Creamy Mushrooms and Bacon.  Breakfast at Coco Mojo Clifton Beach

and not so good......
And the winner of the worst burger ever......The "Donald Trump" Burger. It was about as good as it's namesake.....

Well that's a wrap folks.  Today is our 40th Wedding Anniversary and I will give you a full and thorough report on my next post.

xx Judi

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