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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Dinner with the Beatels

Last Saturday evening we drove to Cairns to the Reef Hotel Casino where we enjoyed Dinner with the Beatels, and yes, that is the correct spelling for this tribute band. We were joined by four friends and as Philip has become a teetotaller until the Dirt and Dust Triathlon, he was our designated driver.
We arrived at 6.45 and were shown to our VIP seats.  As soon as we were seated our drinks waiter took our order and we sat back and chatted until our drinks arrived.....20 minutes later!  I kid you not.  It was the slowest service any of us had ever experienced.  We straight away ordered the next round of drinks with the knowledge that it would once again be slow service.
It didn't take very long before first course arrived.  I ordered the beetroot soup and it was certainly a good choice.  It was full of flavour and just the right quantity.  The other choice was a vegetable tart that everyone said was quite dry.
No sooner had we finished our entree...... and.... the lights went out!  There was a severe electrical storm that passed over the Cairns region and thousands lost power.  However, the venue had a back-up power supply so it didn't interfere too much with our night.  The only problem that the venue had was re-adjusting the sound equipment for the band and they just didn't get it quite right as the instrumental overrode the vocals. Ah well..
Main was served before the Beatels made their appearance,  and there was a choice of pork or chicken.  I chose the chicken but I think Philips pork choice was much tastier.
As soon as the meal was eaten and the plates cleared from the table the Beatels took to the stage.  We all took guesses at what would be the opening song and Jane was the winner......"Love Love Me Do".  It was a great opener and I have found myself humming this song often in the past week.
The concert was fantastic and the real Ringo, George, Paul and John would have been pleased with the tribute.  We tapped, clapped and sang the night away.  Some made their way to the dance floor but it was a very tiny space and could not comfortably cater for more than just a handful of couples.
Our dessert was served during the musicians break and the fresh fruit and custard tart was exactly the right thing to serve us.  Everyone enjoyed it.
After the break the Beatels returned to the stage in Sergeant Pepper outfits.  Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is one of my very favourite albums and I believe it or not, I know every single song off by heart!
At the end of the night we once again guessed at the closing song and I won that guess with "Hey Jude".  Actually it was a slightly educated guess because as long as I can remember when we went to cabarets at the local pubs in the 70's that was almost always the closing song.  That was the time of night when you could have a slow dance with your boyfriend before they shunted you out the door.
It was a great night and full credit to the management at the Casino for bringing this show to Cairns all the way from Sydney.  They would certainly have been pleased with the audience participation and hopefully we will get to enjoy more of these tributes in the future.

The Beatels

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