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Thursday, 6 July 2017


For the past week and a half we have had cloudy days with drizzle.  As the locals call it "Shitty Julatten Weather".  But yesterday the sun came out and the day was magnificent....perfect for the BBQ lunch that we had pre-arranged with our friends.
I went out into the garden and picked flowers for my table arrangements.  The grevillea are lovely at the moment so I filled a shallow bowl with them and if I do say so myself it looked rather nice on the outside table.

Inside I just filled a vase with flowers in the my favourite colours of purple, pinks, white and yellow. I  weaved a string of LED lights through the flowers and in the evening it is very pretty!

We had invited ten - 4 adults and 6 kids, so including us, we cooked for twelve. We had decided that steak burgers, sausages, marinated rib bones and salads would be the best thing to cook.  Jody brought the dessert - mini carrot cakes and mini lemon meringue tarts (yummmm).  I prepared a giant cheese platter for starters as everyone was arriving at staggered times.

We love having the kids come to visit us as they are kinda like our adopted grandkids.  They are great kids and easily entertained.  We set up the Totem Tennis for them so they had a good hit at that to build up their appetite for lunch.

Philip also took them to feed the weaners....

After lunch we piled everyone in the car and took them to see the (very pregnant!) cows and of course Milly the donkey.  One of our maiden heifers is ready to calve so we had to stay well away from her.  Experience has taught us that the mums become very distressed if they are disturbed during calving.
We said goodbye to everyone late in the afternoon after we had loaded them up with fruit.....SO....MUCH...FRUIT!
It was a beautiful day with lovely friends that we look forward to entertaining again in the not too distant future.

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