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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Day 10 - Singapore

We woke to another glorious morning, so after breakfast we decided to take a walk around the bay before heading to Orchard Road.  The walk was called "Jubilee" and I think it was around about 5kms from start to end.  Philip and I, forever the tourists, stopped to take many photos!
Tony and Kate discussing the route

Anywhere greenery can be planted, it is.  Even 10 stories up!

Our walk took us right around this bay
After our walk, it was lunch on Orchard Road at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Philip and I love these joints and try to track them down in every country we visit.  The menus are the same but each country is encouraged to add a a couple of their own localised dishes.  For example in Singapore they added Chilli Crab to the menu.

We ordered a light meal of  Caesar Salads with the obligatory Onion Rings on the side. Philip and I were booked on the Singapore Flyer that evening for a four course dinner and didn't want to spoil our appetites. The lunch was delicious and was washed down with the local beer.

After lunch we walked along Orchard Road, marvelling at how many upmarket shops there were.  Louis Vuitton competing with Gucci and Prada, Cartier competing with Rolex.  So many shops along the 2.2km boulevard!
We wondered what those large extensions from the building in the distance were.  We decided that they must be swimming pools!

A very upmarket street

Just a stroll along Orchard Road
After our walk and a little shopping we finally made our way back to the hotel for a rest before dinner on the Singapore Flyer.
Our reservation was for 7.30pm and we arrived in plenty of time.  We were shown to a VIP room where diners waited for their "cabin".  Our drink orders were taken and we had already chosen our main course, steak for Philip and Lobster for me.  When our cabin was ready we were taken down a long private corridor so that we could board easily.  As you can imagine, the ferris wheel does not stop so everything has to be planned and timed to the last second.  In our cabin were five tables set for two people.  There were only three couples on this particular night.  The hostess is  aboard to greet you and a nibblie platter is already laid on the table .On the first full circle we were served a starter salad (caesar!) followed by soup.  Main meal and dessert is quickly brought in on the beginning of the second circle.  Such precision and timing!

The whole trip was wonderful and well worth the money.  I highly recommend it.  The night view of Singapore is fantastic but I did get a big spooked standing at the floor to ceiling windows. I had to stand away from the glass a little that meant all my photos had reflections :-(
The whole journey (two full circles) took about an hour and a half so we were back at the hotel by 9pm where we joined the rest of the gang in the lounge bar to listen to some really good live music.
Looking upwards from the lobby bar in the Marina Mandarin Hotel.  The Atrium is magnificent.
We said our goodnights at 10pm and said we would catch up with everyone for lunch tomorrow as it was our last day and we intended to have a "sleep in".

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