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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Day 11 - Last Day

We had our sleep-in this morning. It was pure bliss and we finally made it down to breakfast by 9 am.  We talked about what we wanted to see and do on our last day of the holiday and decided that another visit to Gardens by the Bay would be nice as we hadn't seen too much of it in daylight hours, plus, we wanted to find the walkway from the Marina Sands complex that took you over the highway and ended in the Gardens.
We started our walk and bumped into the rest of the crew just arriving back from their walk.  We all had different things we wanted to do today.  Kate and Mike wanted to visit Raffles Hotel and Linda and Tony wanted to stay in the shopping mall.
Finding the walkway was quite easy with my husbands uncanny sense of direction.  I say that with a smile on my face because he seems to be able to find places that are in the distance but stand him on a street corner in the middle of the city and he becomes totally lost!
The walkway took us around the edge of the Marina Sands shopping mall, across a walkway to the Marina Sands Hotel and then across another walkway through the hotel and straight into the gardens.
Standing on the walkway between the Marina Sands Shopping Complex and the Marina Sands Hotel

Looking down into the Marina Bay Sands Hotel
It was a lovely day to be wandering around the gardens and we came across things that totally amazed us, particularly this 7 tonne baby that sits suspended on just the hand of the child.  It is incredibly well balanced.

Looking at the Supertree Grove was totally different to seeing it lit up at night.

We continued our walk through the gardens passing many ponds with their lovely fountains and others filled with huge Koi.  We passed the children's garden where families were setting themselves up for the day with picnic rugs laid out on the expansive lawns.  We walked on through gardens that are still in development with huge Boab trees being placed into position and wired to hold them in place.  The Gardens by the Bay are truly magnificent.

After we had wandered around for a couple of hours we started to make our way back to the our hotel.  We found a different route this time that took us on a giant escalator right to the bottom of the Marina Sands shopping complex.  Here we stopped and drank refreshing iced coffees while watching the gondoliers ferrying their passengers up and down the waterway inside the shopping complex.

We arrived back at the hotel around about midday but were not hungry enough to go and eat lunch so we settled back on the bed to watch a movie.  Around about 2pm we ordered room service and I decided on the Hainan Chicken.  It was so very delicious and quite different to the one that I make courtesy of my friend Roz's recipe.

A couple of days ago we had asked for a late check-out of our room as our flight home wasn't leaving until 8pm.  The Duty Manager was very helpful and gave us a 4 pm check-out.
We were all a little subdued as we piled into the mini-van that took us to the airport.  We had all enjoyed Singapore in different ways and it is a place that I would like to spend a little more time in.
Our flight was right on time and as our plane passed over Singapore I took some photos and wished the place au revoir - "goodbye, until we meet again".

My health app told me that I walked 45.5 kms (66,060 steps) in Singapore. It was not surprising as we walked almost everywhere!

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