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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Two more sleeps.....

Just two more sleeps until we start our journey south to our son and DIL's place for christmas.  We have been busy readying the place for our house-sitters.  Mowing, gardening, mustering, cleaning, washing.......wash, rinse, repeat....

We have had a few friends drop in for christmas drinks and I found inspiration on Instagram for this lovely antipasto christmas wreath.  The wreath is made from rosemary and I also tucked in some tarragon for a little more green.  I filled the wreath with salami, cheese, cocktail onions (red and white) and also some stuffed baby capsicum.

As we are not going to be here for christmas I didn't really feel like erecting our christmas tree this year and I found this blossom tree in the "cheap" shop that has filled the gap nicely.  I hung a couple of baubles from it and a bit of tinsel at the base and..... voilá.....I give you the christmas tree!

Julatten Ladies Christmas Lunch was a huge success this year with almost fifty ladies in attendance.  Honestly, I don't know where all these ladies come from but I am not surprised as Julatten has a population of over 1000 and yet from my house I can only see a couple of houses in the distance.  People are very spread out.  The lunch at our local Highlander Tavern was delicious.  There were numerous choices but I chose the Roast Turkey and I was not disappointed. 

The wet season seems to have finally arrived albeit slowly! But we have had over 75mm of rain in the past week so it is a great start.  We had a lovely rainbow pop up in front of us last week while we were having our sundowners.  It wasn't a full rainbow but nonetheless quite lovely.

I will try and update the blog while we are away but if I don't I wish each and every one of my readers a very merry christmas and health and happiness for the new year ahead.

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  1. Hi Judy, thanks so much for the Birthday wishes! Hope you are having a lovely time with family this Festive Season! love the wreath you made and the Christmas tree replacement! (Beautiful photo!) All the very best for the New Year ahead! xxx