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Friday, 9 December 2016

A night at Sea Temple Port Douglas

Since Philip came home nine days ago we have....

  • Driven to Cairns to pick up his new Bicycle (an early birthday present from me)
  • Handed over our old Toyota to its new owner
  • Attended a house warming/birthday party
  • Spent a night at Sea Temple Port Douglas
  • Enjoyed a yoga lunch at Niramaya Resort in Port Douglas
  • Camped at Cooktown Crossing for a couple of nights
  • And tonight we are going to a friends place for Christmas drinks and nibbles
Is it any wonder we feel tired?  New Years resolution.....SLOW DOWN!

I have taken quite a few photos over the past nine days but today I want to tell you about Sea Temple. Here goes...

As you know, Philip recently flew south to help our son and daughter-in-law with a few jobs while son is recovering from an accident.  For a thank-you, Marco and Susie organised a night for us at Sea Temple Port Douglas.  It is a place that I have had a yearning to stay at after we had a yoga Christmas lunch there a few years ago.
We arrived early, you know, because you have to make the most of these things!  We upgraded our room to a "swim-out" as soon as we arrived because (a) the room we had booked wasn't ready and (b) well, why not!  So pleased we did.  The two-bedroom apartment was luxury plus and you stepped right from the outside patio into the sparkling pool. 
Just relaxing by the pool

Our apartment
 The pool is enormous.  It winds around all the swim-out apartments (of which there are many) and when you get tired of floating around the circle you can make you way back to the swim-up bar for a refreshing mocktail (who am I trying to kid, of course it was a cocktail that I partook!). 

Martini Espresso -mmmmmm!
 There are loads of floating lounges in the pool.  You just had to grab one as it floated past your door.

The enormous pool

Pre-dinner drinks

Ready for dinner
We had made reservations in the restaurant as soon as we arrived and as you all know, I am a foodie so I was quite excited by the menu that was handed to us.  Philip and I both ordered the duck for the main and I ordered scallops for entree while Philip chose the coral trout filled soft shell crab.  
Our entrees where fabulous.  Photos?  Completely forgot!  Our mains, unfortunately, were not that great. The duck was very tough and disappointing.  I can forgive undercooking duck as most of the chefs seem to want to do these days, but not to the detriment of tenderness.  This duck breast should have been cooked longer and it would have been a totally different story.  We ended our meal with Irish Coffees. I chose Kahlua instead of whiskey and it was a pleasant end to our meal.
Breakfast the next morning was included with our room.  No surprises here.  Buffets seem to be the same whoever you go.  We checked out early as I wanted to go to yoga and Philip wanted to do some laps in the local pool.
It was a beautiful day/evening at Sea Temple Port Douglas and I can't thank our children enough for the lovely gesture.  It is certainly not something you do every day!
"Trying" to take a selfie. We are hopeless!

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