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Sunday, 4 December 2016

A week in review.

It's been quite a hectic week with Philip being away but thankfully he is home now so it takes the pressure off somewhat.  It's all been about keeping the garden adequately watered lately.  Where is the rain?  We have not had a single storm so far and that is very unusual for this time of the year.  The whole month of November we only recorded a measly 20mm and that was over three falls.  Today as I look out the window it once again looks promising.  Who knows.
The garden is at it's best at this time of the year with lots of flowers blossoming.  Can you guess my favourite flower colour......

Yep. Pinks, purples, mauves and shades in between just make my heart sing.  And of course there is nothing nicer than a bowl of flowers sitting in front of you while you eat your meal.....

and I am thoroughly enjoying a glass full of Jamie Olivers Chocolate Porridge for breakfast.  I am not a lover of milk and this recipe has no dairy apart from the spoonful of yoghurt that I seem to be able tolerate.

I haven't had to muster the stock for quite awhile but with Philip being away I had to don my work gear and head out on a very foggy morning to move the cattle. It is not a difficult task on this little block of land, as the cattle hear the sound of the buggy and come to meet you knowing full well that they are going to a new paddock with fresh grass.  

They have been devouring the lick blocks that we put out for them.  It is another sign that we need the rain to oxygenate the soil.

Last Saturday evening I was invited to a friends birthday party that was held at Ochre Restaurant in Cairns.  It's always lovely to catch up with friends and this was no exception.

I finally got around to making my Christmas cake that I will take with us when we visit family at Christmas.  It is a great recipe that can be found HERE.

I photographed something unusual last week.  One of the cows was licking Milly the Donkey all over her body.  Milly was just standing there and loving it.  She has certainly integrated with the herd and as we have not had any losses attributed to dingoes since we have had her we have to say that she is doing a mighty job.

To close off this post I thought I would add a picture of the garden before we chop back all the gardenias at the back of the garden against the house.  Some of the gardenias are thriving whilst others are dying so we are going to re-charge the soil and prune them all back to knee height.  We will then give them a good dose of fertiliser and see how it goes.  I'm expecting an explosion of flowers next year!

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