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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I've been a bit slack......

.......but also very busy.
The move from "Caleewa" was a huge job, probably bigger than any of us thought but it was 60 years of our life that we had to shift and you can collect a lot of stuff over that amount of time.  All up, there were seven trips, six using both the body truck and gooseneck and the last just the truck. The distance from "Caleewa" to "Evergreen" is 1600 kms.
Our last trip from "Caleewa" was an "all nighter".  Three vehicles departed.  Suzie in the Subaru with  four dogs, the cat and the bird, Marc and a mate in the truck with the remaining 10 dogs and a full load and Philip and I in the Toyota towing the gooseneck trailer.  We started off at 3.00 pm and we couldn't manage more than 80kmh with our fully loaded trailer.  We eventually arrived, after meal stops, at 3.00 pm the following afternoon.  Philip and I shared the drive and I am normally not a night driver but the spotlights on the Toyota are so good that it was almost like driving in daylight but without the traffic!

How we managed to get all these boxes plus the majority of the furniture in the last load was a miracle!

The day before we left "Caleewa", Suzie suggested that we take a picnic lunch to Eureka Waterhole to say goodbye to Kurt.  This is the place that we placed the plaque and spread Kurt's ashes.  It was a glorious day and I'm sure Kurt was with us in spirit.

Eureka Waterhole, "Caleewa"

Kurt's plaque

So we are now home and Philip told me that he had driven 9000 km in the past month.  That's a lot of kilometres.  It almost feels surreal that we have finally sold everything and that we can now make plans and lock them in.  No more droughts, no more poor prices for quality cattle, no more government bureaucracy!
So.....bring on retirement....or as close to it as we can get at this point in time.  We won't be fully retired until we leave "Kur-A-Mar" and that won't be for a few more years but it is something to look forward to.
Marco and Suzie are extremely happy on their new property at Gundiah.  It is a lovely property and I'm sure that they will enjoy it for many many years and that they will do well from it.  Suzie is looking forward to harvesting the first crop of Ginger in July so that will be interesting for them.  She already has a prospective purchaser lined up to purchase the whole crop.

Here are some photos over "Evergreen".  I apologise for the quality of the photos.  All I had was my iPhone!

Looking to the cattle yards

Looking towards the house and machinery sheds.  To the far right is the old Gundiah Railway Station building that was moved to Evergreen some years ago.

Looking towards the house and the two acres of ginger.

One of the many springs on the property.

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