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Thursday, 12 May 2016

On my way

I am on my way to Julia Creek to help with the final packing at "Caleewa".  I asked Philip how he felt about packing up almost 60 years of his life...he went very quiet.  It can't be easy for him and I have no doubt that when I arrive there I will also feel that same sadness of saying goodbye to a big chunk of our life.  But life does move on and,looking forward, I'm sure we will create many more wonderful memories as we head into retirement.
I am currently in Townsville and  my flight to Julia Creek leaves early tomorrow morning.  I was a little disappointed when I left home that the ankle boots that I had purchased from Frankie4 had not arrived in the mail before I left.  I had packed my suitcase around those boot as I was so sure I would be able to pick them up from the post office on my way to Cairns. As I had a bit of time to kill today I went to the Frankie4 website and found that there was a supplier right here in Townsville. I rang Frankie4 and they apologised profusely that my boots had not arrived and they said that they would ring the supplier in Townsville to see if they stocked the boots that I wanted. They did!  So a quick taxi trip has me know strutting around in the most comfortable shoes that I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. Seriously, it is like walking on air...
Now, here is the amazing thing.  Not only did Frankie4 refund me in full for my online purchase, they also sent me an Australia Post return slip, AND a $50 voucher to use for my next pair! What amazing customer service they have .......Kudos 👍👍👍 and thank you.
I've had a lot of fun this afternoon trying the on boots with the clothes that I have packed.  We are heading from Julia Creek to Gundiah where it is going to be quite cool so the boots will be very welcome and well worn by the time I get home.

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