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Saturday, 6 February 2016

This humidity is killing me!

Summer in Tropical Queensland equals humidity but this summer has been a real killer.  Day after day of 85% humidity and the sun shining simply zaps the energy.  Hubby and I just seem to be constantly tired but even a nap doesn't seem to help for long, nor does the three showers a day!
Julatten has one of the kindest climates on the planet.  National Geographic voted it the second best climate in the world!  We are usually six degrees cooler than our coastal cousins but that hasn't made us feel any better this summer.  I have never seen so much cloud without rain.....or very little rain.  Of course when it does rain it is a relief and it does cool it down a little but we are just not getting enough of it.  We don't have air conditioners in our house, just ceiling fans.  They have always been adequate but I have given a thought to a mobile air conditioner these past few weeks.
On the brighter side,  the rain that we have been getting is perfect for "grass growing".  The cows and their calves are just looking tremendous.  We can have too much rain and the ground begins to smell and the cattle do not do as well. That has not happened this wet season.
And the garden......the garden!  It is looking amazing.  All the Thai Gingers have come out of hibernation and putting on a beautiful display.  We had friends visit yesterday who are avid gardeners and they commented that they have never seen such healthy large Thai Gingers.  That must be all the love our gardener gives them!

Thai Ginger

We have another lovely little flower in the garden that only shows its beautiful head after rain.  Because we had a shower last night, they are flowering.

I call this the rain flower

The day lilies continue to give and give.  I have been busy cataloguing them this summer because they need to be dug up and divided.  This gives us a healthier plant.  The trouble is that by the time we do this in autumn we can't remember what colour flower belongs to which plant so I've been photographing them as they flower......all 80 of them!  As their name implies the flower only lasts a day so you have to be quick!

This grasshopper needs to move to somebody else's garden!

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