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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Balance in my life.

Even since we moved to Julatten in 2006 I have been attending Tai Chi and Yoga classes.  Tai Chi has been intermittent, depending on whether there was a teacher in the area.....or not.  Yoga has been more consistent as we have a lady come to the community hall, right here at Julatten, each Thursday.  I try to attend two yoga classes a week and my body thanks me for it.   I have become far more flexible over the years and if I do say so myself, I have fairly good balance.  This will become increasingly  important as I age.
The two yoga classes that I attend could not be more different even though it is the same teacher.  The class here in Julatten is a gentle yoga class.  It is held in the community hall that has an unlined roof and a dusty timber floor. This makes it very cold in winter and very hot in summer and NOISY, as the highway is very close.
The class in Port Douglas, on the other hand is a stronger class  held in a studio right in the main street of Port Douglas. The room is air-conditioned, carpeted, and so very quiet.   Perfect for me with a hearing loss.
Which class do I prefer?  You guessed it......Julatten, because even though the hall is not perfect the ladies that I do yoga with are.  They are my friends.  Everyone stays for coffee after class and it is the perfect time to catch up on all the local news.
The Port yoga ladies are a different matter altogether.  You see it is a very transient community with only a handful of regulars. We all smile at each other but never really have a conversation that would form a friendship. Actually any interesting conversations that I do have, happen in the toilet when we are having our pre class pee.  Hahah. It's very strange.
But above all, I love yoga and tai chi.  I come away from both classes feeling relaxed, mindful, balanced and that's what it's all about. I hope I am still attending classes when I'm 80!

Class ready!

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