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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A mini cyclone.

While we away in Brisbane we received a phone call from our caretaker to tell us that we had a very wild windstorm rip through our place.  She said that two trees were down and the largest one had fallen across the cattle yards.  Damn.....we had the vet coming to preg test the cows on Monday!  So when we arrived home on Saturday night we were expecting the worst.  It probably wasn't as bad as our imagination had led us to believe but still quite a mess.  
Sunday morning Philip got out of bed early and began to clear the tree away from the cattle yards with his little chainsaw.  This was the most important thing to do with the vet arriving the next day.   It was a slow and tedious job and when hubby announced that he was going to remove the whole tree himself I suggested that it might be a better idea to get a tree removalist in to do the job.  They have a huge wood chipper that will make mince meat of this tree and the gardener will love the mulch.

One half of the tree is still left standing.  The tree made a bit of a mess of the roof over the drafting race!

The tree that we lost in the front garden was probably a blessing in disguise as we had been thinking of getting rid of it.  It just really didn't fit in with our cottage garden theme.  It was only a small tree and it had fallen across the road so it was a very easy job to hook it on to the back of the tractor and drag it away.
We were lucky that this tree fell in the right direction and we never lost a single plant in the garden!

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  1. Sounds to me like you picked the right time to be in Brisbane! I'm pleased there was no major damage, but your pics made my heart skip a beat.