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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Katathani Resort Phuket

To say that we were impressed with the Katathani Resort is an understatement.  It was truly wonderful.  The resort itself is huge and at a guess I would say that there was one staff member for every guest.  The rooms were spacious, the restaurants top class, the three pools and gardens were incredibly well maintained and god help if a a dead leaf may fall from a tree onto the lawn!

The resort has it own private beach that is called Kata Noi Beach.  The water was warm enough to enjoy and we spent many hours lazing by the ocean.  Philip had a go at paddle boarding and thoroughly enjoyed it but it is incredibly hard work.

The food at the resort was excellent although we tended to eat outside the resort for most meals. There were three restaurants within a block of the resort so that is where we would usually meet the friends and family that were also there for the wedding.  One morning we hired a "Tuk Tuk" and did a little bit of shopping at Kata Beach.  I am not good at bargaining but still managed to get a couple of good deals.

A few photos:

The sticky rice was the best I have ever tasted

This was our wing at the resort

Magnificent beaches

Chris and KC


View from our room

Mango Slushy that actually made me quite sick.  I was warned.....don't drink the water!

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