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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A wedding in Phuket.

My poor neglected blog.  It has been a long time since I have given you some love.  To say we have been busy is an understatement, but busy because we choose to be.  We have travelled many thousands of kilometres in the past month and over the next few days I will fill you in.  But for today I want to tell you about the wedding we went to in Phuket.

Philip's stepbrother, Chris, has been living in Singapore working in IT for many many years and during his time there he met and fell in love with Katherine (KC).  After an extremely long courtship they finally decided to get married in March in Phuket.  It was a no brainer for us to make the decision to travel there for the wedding.

We have never been to Thailand before and we were so very pleased that we made the effort to go.  We flew from Cairns to Brisbane and then from Brisbane to Bangkok.  From Bangkok it was just an hour long flight to the island of Phuket.  Our flight did not arrive into Phuket until midnight so I had pre-booked a motel room close to the airport.  The motel I chose had a shuttle service from the airport to the motel so we were well and truly tucked up in bed before 1am.

The next morning we hired a taxi to take us to our accommodation at Katathani Resort at Kata Noi Beach.  After the hour long drive we arrived and were greeted by the bride and groom who were eating lunch across the road at a little restaurant that became our favourite.

We arrived on Thursday and the wedding was on Saturday.  We did not have any pre-planned sightseeing so we relaxed by the ocean and worked on our tans!

The wedding was everything that the bride and groom could have wished for.  A perfect day in a perfect setting for a perfect couple.  The bride asked that we all wear white/cream/khaki and now I look back at the photos I can see why.  The photos look stunning with the backdrop of the blue ocean.

We all enjoyed a beautiful three course banquet with more food that we could ever have possibly eaten and so delicious.  The night was balmy and the company around our table was jovial.  We danced well into the night and finally said our goodnights around midnight.

Some photos:

My family.

The groom, his sister and her husband

A walk down the aisle.

A very happy groom.

The grooms niece and nephew

A most beautiful dress

The bride and groom being showered with red flower petals.

Philips stepsister and her family


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  2. Thanks Judy! You couldn't take a bad photo in a place like that....