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Monday, 18 August 2014

Magical Mystery Tour

Every now and then the photo club has a mystery tour.  We are told to be at a certain place at a certain time and that's it.  The rest is a mystery.  Yesterday our mystery tour was a Daintree River Cruise.  Win!  I love being on the water as I find it incredibly relaxing plus throw in the beautiful serenity of the Daintree River and the day is made!
There was twelve of us so we were given a boat all to ourselves and a somewhat extended tour.  Another win! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and because a number of our members are also members of the Orchid Society he also pointed out some lovely displays.
We, of course, had plenty of opportunity to see the Crocodiles….in same cases very "up close and personal". The crocs were a variety of ages from the eldest "Lizzy", to another that was just a few months old.  The mangroves to me are fascinating and beautiful to photograph.  In fact the whole Daintree region is a photographers dream.
After the cruise we made our way to the Daintree Village for a delicious meal at the Daintree Cafe.
Such a great day.
Leisurely cruising

Mummy "Lizzy"

I have to tell you we were VERY close to this big girl and believe me….she was watching us!

The mangroves are incredible!

Cathy pointing out some of the birdlife

Another cruise…this one was very crowded compared to ours where we all had a "window" seat!
One of Lizzy's babies.

Just one of the beautiful orchids high in the tree canopy.
The smallest croc that we saw.

This one was about 4 years old.

Some of the bird life.

Crabbing is popular.

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