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Friday, 28 March 2014

The gardener will not be impressed!

There is nothing like the smell of fresh hay around the garden.  We buy hundreds of bales of sugar cane mulch to build up the soil and to keep the weeds at bay.  It works a treat because wherever the hay has been laid the worms abound.
T, our gardener, spent a good part of this week laying out mulch in readiness for the dry season…….. although looking outside the window today you would think it will never be dry again.  T has planted a row of Ivory Curl trees along both sides of the circular drive….about 40 trees all up and they will be spectacular in a few years time when they start flowering.  This is what they look like.
They way the driveway is situated one of the rows of trees is quite close to a fence line and yesterday afternoon the weaner bulls found the hay around the new trees.  Didn't they have a whale of a time!  Of course they can only reach in so far before the barb wire starts digging in but that does not deter them.  We are at a loss to know why the cattle would want to eat the mulch hay but we suspect it is because of the dryness of the hay. The grass is very lush at present but probably "too" lush.  A few weeks of dry weather will solve the problem.
Here are some photos of the little devils.

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The barbed wire is almost in this fellows eye but it doesn't deter him!

If you can't go over it lets go through it!

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