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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Nice to see green.

We drove out to the properties at Julia Creek last week.  What a difference a month makes.  Instead of the brown burnt looking country of two months ago we were now driving through green pastures with cattle (albeit not many) happily grazing.  There has been some good rain in the north west of Queensland but everyone is looking to the sky for follow-up.  Unfortunately the rain has been patchy with some places receiving very little.
The average rainfall for our properties is 462mm.  So far this year we have had 164.5mm with the long term average to date being 192.5mm so we still have some catching up to do.
However, we drove around the properties to have a look at the stock and we were very pleased with what we saw.  The cows are starting to pick up condition and the calves are strong.
We have the auction of the properties on the 1st May and we are pleased that we will be able to offer them "grassed".  We are also very pleased that the rivers have run through our properties and all the waterholes are full.  Not that water has ever been an issue for us.  We are very fortunate to have four good flowing artesian bores on the three properties.
Here are some photos I took while we drove around the places.

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