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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Postponed Photography Outing

I love living where I live.  I've probably said that a zillion times before and I really do have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure that I am not dreaming.  We live in one of the most beautiful places in  Queensland?…..Australia?……dare I say….. the world?  I am told by the locals that Julatten was voted by National Geographic as the second best place to live in the world……don't know who was first place, but it is a big call.  However, anyone who has visited our place could probably believe it.  We have so many amazing places right at our back door and I don't think in a lifetime we could possibly visit them all!
Today was photography group monthly meeting with a trip to Spring Creek as a planned outing.  Unfortunately the rain came in and washed away our plans but as we sat cosily under one of our members "lean-to" tent we had a good old chin wag over a nice hot cup of tea and talked about the places that we are going to visit in the near future.  Places like Spring Creek Falls, Mowbray Falls and another walk into Mary River Falls.  Places that are within a thirty kilometre radius of where we live!
So, although we didn't get any photographs today we still enjoyed the day immensely.

A dry spot for a cup of tea!

Spring Creek

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