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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Transporting the kids around.

I was just reading a post about babies crying in the car.  We were fortunate that our boys were extremely good travellers in the car.  Perhaps it's because we lived so far away, but we always started our journey very early in the morning,  sometimes as early as 3am, so for the first few hours of our journey the boys slept.  By the time they woke up we were usually somewhere interesting so they had plenty of things to see.  No DVD's to keep them entertained back then.  Just a few toys or books and there was always "I spy".  That was good for at least an hour!
I remember taking my boys home from hospital in a bassinet strapped haphazardly in the back seat.  No capsules back then either.  In fact that was how the boys travelled in the car until they could sit in a "car-seat".  Now, they were "state of the art" with their sheepskin lining.  The seatbelt looped through the back to hold the seat in place and I still question how safe they were, but they were all that was on offer.
My youngest in his car seat 32 years ago.  He looks like he's enjoying it!
Once the boys outgrew their car-seat they graduated to a booster seat.  When I think about those seats now, I wonder why the boys never complained.  They were hard (seriously hard) plastic with a thin sheepskin cushion (if you could call it that!) but the boys were happy that they could see quite easily out of the window as we were driving along.
So we have come a long way in transporting kids in the family car, and I' m sure baby capsules are a much safer form of transport than a bassinet but, boy oh boy, the babies were comfortable in them!

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