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Sunday, 10 November 2013

An active social life!

This week has been unusually social.  It started with Tai Chi on Tuesday followed by our christmas break-up morning tea.  It was there that I was invited to Ladies Lunch at the Julatten Tavern the following day.  This is a new initiative to get the ladies in the area together for a bit of a chit chat.  It was well attended and will be a monthly occurrence.  At the lunch I ran into an old friend who now lives in Julatten but is ex Julia Creek.  She told me that she was having some mutual friends from Julia Creek coming to visit her the next day.  Of course I asked that she invite them to drop in here on there way past, which they did.  It was terrific to catch up on all the news.  Unfortunately most of the news is about the continuing drought and how everybody is handling it.  Lets pray that we get some substantial rain soon.  Hubby has now been at Julia Creek for five weeks and will stay until it rains.....lets hope that is soon.
On Friday some friends from Cassowary rang to invite me to join them for dinner on Friday night at the Julatten Tavern (yes, I'm becoming a regular and they now know me by name!)  Once again it was a lovely night.  I clicked with Di the moment I meet her at photo club and her husband is a real darling.  I'm sure the four of us will enjoy lots more dinners next year.
Saturday was election day for us.  We are one of the four shires across Queensland that is de-amalgamating.   Last week I went to Mt. Molloy to hear the council candidates talk about the ideas for the future of the shire so I had a good idea where my votes were going.
Last night was the Julatten Theatre Group night of "One-Act" plays.  What a great night it was and I really wish that I had the courage to get up in front of a group of people and act.  Sadly that is not going to happen!  Mount Molloy State School put on a fantastic supper with all food grown in and prepared from their Stephanie Alexander garden and kitchen.  What a wonderful scheme that is. I had the privilege to photograph their delicious produce for a competition that they were entering.  I will tell you about that in another post.
Back to the plays.  The first play was "12 Angry Pigs"and it was a spoof of the award winning movie "12 angry Men".  The difference being that the jury are pigs and the accused is the "Big Bad Wolf"

Mt. Molloy Students performing "12 Angry Pigs"

The next play was "A Dollar" and it was set in the early 1900's.  It was about a troupe of stranded strolling players, tired and destitute and end up haggling over a dollar bill that they find.  

The third play was called "A Matter of Husbands" and it was my favourite.  Just two very talented  actresses took centre stage.  The story was about a young woman who suspects that her husband is having an affair with a famous and glamorous actress.  She decided to take matters into her own hands and confront her with the evidence.

The last play was called "Sandra's Shadows".  Sandra's plans for a dinner party are upset when her invited guests cancel.  How the rest of the evening develops brings some interesting revelations when she is confronted by her inner-selves. the "Bitch", the"Slut" and the"Perfectionist".

L to R "The Bitch", "The Perfectionist", "The Slut" with Sandra in background
Sandra eventually decides to toss out "The Perfectionist" and live more comfortably with the "Bitch" and "Slut"

The plays were held at Geraghty Park Hall at Julatten.  Nothing fancy about this hall.  It is all corrugated iron and no ceiling but it has a fantastic atmosphere.  This is also the hall where I go to yoga each week.

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