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Monday, 25 November 2013

Potager Garden

The back of our house has been a little neglected in the way of garden.  The original owners had planted a few alexander palms, native trees and shrubs and one enormous umbrella tree.  Now, we all know how invasive the roots of the umbrella tree can be.  Even though it is some distance from the house the roots have been reaching closer and closer to the house.  After a talk with my gardener we drew up a plan for a potager garden…..in other words, an ornamental vegetable/fruit garden.

Our Potager Plan
The first thing we did was poison all the lawn and then it was a call to the tree-loppers to remove the trees.  They are a fantastic team.  We have had them come here several times to trim up wayward and unwanted trees.  They work extremely fast and in no time at all the garden was cleared to make way for the new garden.  The added bonus is that they also left us with a mountain of green mulch that we will leave to break down over several months.

I love that we now have a clear view to Black Mountain….when it's not covered in cloud!  We would also like to build another rotunda on this side of the house to take in the views.  That is in the ten year plan!

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  1. look forward to seeing this garden progress! Gosh it must be nice to look out on those lovely green paddocks each morning. What a lovely place to settle.