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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lemon Risotto

Who doesn't love a good risotto.  It is not something that I have every day because as we all know, it is calorie laden!  But when Nigella Lawson tweeted this recipe I just had to try it.  To quote Nigella, it is comfort food at it's finest.  It was, surprisingly, not over creamy and therefore you could have a decent size helping without feeling that you couldn't move afterwards.
I like my risotto to be al-dente and almost soup like, just like the Italians enjoy it.  I still recall the risotto that I ordered in a little "tucked away" restaurant in Rome.  It was the first time that I had seen risotto served in a soup bowl rather than on a plate.  To this day I still recall the smell and texture of that risotto.  It was divine and so unlike the stodgy risotto's that restaurants tend to serve over here, although, I must say they are improving.
There is something quite therapeutic about making risotto.  Just standing there for twenty minutes and stirring away.  You can't walk away from it, not even for a minute, so no multi-tasking allowed.

I even made my own vegetable stock for this recipe.  It is so much nicer than the packet stuff and so very easy to make, particularly in the pressure cooker.  Twenty minutes and it's ready to go and a great way to use up those vegetables in the crisper that are past their used by date.

If you like risotto (and really, who doesn't) try this recipe.  I swear you will love it.

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