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I am fifty something and I love my family and the life I live. I'm an optimistic person by nature and I try to find a positive for every negative. I'm not a vegetarian, but the animal I eat is. I enjoy cooking, photography and scrapbooking. Since living here I have become a gardener and take immense joy in the beauty of my garden. My husband and I feel that we are the caretakers of the land rather than land owners. We run a grass fed Droughtmaster Stud on our little piece of Paradise and the cattle are a never ending supply of photo opportunities.

Monday, 23 September 2013


Hudson is my dog.  My labrador.  We bought him when we moved here in December 2006 so he is almost eight years old.  The first couple of years were hard.....very hard.  Labrador's are incredibly smart but they take awhile to mature.  Hudson is my mate.  He walks with me every morning and watches my every move.  If I stop to take a photo he immediately comes to me to make sure that everything is OK.  Labradors are "people" dogs.  They want to be with you as much as they can.  Hudson is an outside dog so he only gets our company when we come outside.  We could never let him  come inside because he is always wet!  We have two troughs and a dam within a few metres of the house and he is in and out of them all day long!  I took this photo of him on our walk a couple of days ago.  I like this photo because it is so "Hudson".....wet.....after a swim in one of the dams.

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